Ensemble Performance

This workshop was designed after seeing the specific needs of the ensemble performance. The intention was to create a laboratory space to experiment in various areas of instrumental performance. These areas are instrument strings, rosins, performance environment, sound recording, and rehearsal techniques.

The fundamentals of instrument strings are evaluated to understand their function and use cases. The essence of this empirical study is comparing the exact string set with various instruments and providing the same set for all musicians in an ensemble. The instrument specifications and the behaviour of the strings are combined to give the result. The instrument strings and their manufacturers are evaluated in many scenarios to increase the ability to achieve desired timbral results.

Another essential matter is the rosin. This empirical study aims to understand the effect of the rosin on ensemble timbre and collective performance. All rosins are evaluated in the same manner as the strings. The study shows that the rosin has a more significant effect on ensemble timbre and performance. This study documents rosins and their use cases to achieve desired timbral and performance results.

The performance environment includes the equipment and the physical conditions of performance. The equipment is chairs, note stands, and printed music. The physical conditions are the seating, performance space, and lighting. These variables are combined and evaluated to understand their effects on musical performance. From various chairs and different types of note stands to close and open seating across multiple performance spaces with different lighting are the consideration of this project.

The sound recording techniques are also a prominent part of this project since it provides documentation and understanding of the fine details of sound recording. Different types of microphones are used and combined to understand their use cases to achieve the desired sound in productions. In addition, these recordings are used to increase awareness of the ensemble’s performance.

The recordings are used in different rehearsal techniques. Different approaches to effective rehearsal techniques provided a method which increased the efficiency by about 80%.

This empirical study and the outcomes will be used in future performances of the workshop participants and will change the results of their productions.



Improvement in ensemble rehearsal techniques, performance, timbre, and production.