Baroque Performance Practice

This course follows the curriculum of the course book. The book’s comprehensive context helps the students grow a concrete understanding of baroque performance practices and string playing techniques. In addition, historical instruments, bows and rosins are provided to students for their exploration. During the classes, students are assigned to present specific book chapters that they may face difficulty understanding. This approach gives them a proper understanding of every subject and experience in studying and presenting new subjects. For the performance-related chapters, every student has to prepare a unique edition by writing the piece on the computer and designing a version with their artistic preferences. This includes understanding the basso continuo part and completing it when needed.

These editions are performed with the student and recorded. These recordings are sent to other students to evaluate and share their opinions in a collaborative environment. They compare the feedback they receive with their intentions and adjust their performance approach to achieve the result they expect.



Study of Baroque style in rhetoric, string techniques, and basso-continuo writing.

Course Book

The Baroque Violin and Viola by Walter S. Reiter

Example Student Projects

There are many assignments in studies to can be shown. These assignments include presentations, students’ editions, and recordings. It is only feasible to present some outcomes of this project. Click the following buttons to preview the projects.

Edition Example

August, 2022

Arcan İsenkul – Corelli: Op. 5, No. 3 – III. Adagio

Performance Example

September, 2022

Arcan İsenkul & Barış Demirezer – Corelli: Op. 5, No. 3 – III. Adagio

Presentation Example

October, 2022

Arcan İsenkul – Reiter Lesson No. 21 (in Turkish)